Unforgettable sailing catamaran trip
Next regatta — March, 4-11

About the Regatta

Venture Regatta is a joint trip of a flotilla of several sailing catamarans through the most picturesque places of the world. The event is planned in the format of a yacht trip, on a predetermined route. Participants under the guidance of the captain work with the sails, help with mooring the boat, stay at anchor, and keep watch (if necessary).

Venture Regatta is primarily a tourist trip, not a sport, so prior experience or training is not required. We gather the venture capital market crowd - business angels, representatives of venture capital funds, development institutes, etc. You are going to have exciting interaction while listening to the sounds of waves.

Why to go

  • Regatta on scenic places
  • Team of soul mates. Regatta participants are venture capital investors
  • Busy yachting part
  • No professional experience or training required

How it was

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If you have any questions please contact Ilona Lisovskaya via Telegram: @ilonaluci